About Us

Celestial Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum is Columbia’s most accommodating cemetery. We are conveniently located just off US 1, on Delree Street. This beautiful park was founded in 1963, by the late Duke Newton. Celestial remains one of the few family owned and operated perpetual care cemeteries in the Columbia area.

Celestial is situated on a 47 acre tract of land, easily accessible to our Columbia area residents. At this time, only 15 acres are developed, leaving 32 acres for future development. We have space availability in our established gardens and mausoleums.

The availability of so much property allows families to establish a burial estate for current and future generations, which helps maintain your family’s heritage.

When choosing Celestial as your final resting place you’ll find many options: Private Mausoleum Estates, Mausoleum Entombment, Traditional Ground Burial and Cremation Niches, Bench Entombment or Ground Burial. Celestial consists of several gardens that are separated by the type of memorial in that garden. Celestial also has a beautiful veterans garden that recognizes all branches of service.

Making cemetery arrangements prior to a death actually occurring comes with its benefits: ability to reason, choice selection, terms customized to fit your budget, in-house financing, with no credit checks and interest free options. Our families receive lower prices through pre-need discounts. We offer protection of your loved ones' burial needs, as well as a Family Protection Plan. This all leads to our valued families having peace of mind. Someday everyone will eventually have to face the purchasing of cemetery property, merchandise and services. It is easier, kinder and more economical to do it together, before the need occurs. We are a dedicated community of servants who provide compassionate assistance, with dignity, integrity, honesty and respect to all our families in need. While reaching out to families offering the benefits of prearrangement. We offer a free burial space, honoring veterans and first responders.